I regularly write about my research in public venues and provide comment in the media on contemporary issues and topics that relate to games and play. I believe public engagement is an important part of academic service, and I have significant experience with pre-recorded and live television, and was most recently one of the key academic experts in the ABC Lifestyle TV series, ‘Help! My kid is a gamer!‘. If you’d like to reach out to me for my input or comment, please email me:

If your inquiry is urgent you can also contact The University of Sydney’s media office.


Selected Media Engagement

Sydney Morning Herald (08/11/2023) One of the most popular game franchises of all time is going back to its roots

The Guardian (22/08/2022) Global success of Cult of the Lamb showcases Australia’s video games development talent

The Australian (23/07/2021) Virtually reality: ‘Gaming offers escape and empowerment’

ABC News (29/11/2020) Gaming has soared during the coronavirus pandemic — is that a positive response to isolation or a reason to worry? [Watch on YouTube, ABC News Article]

Al Jazeera English (29/08/2020) Apple Terminates Developer Account of Epic Games

Sydney Morning Herald (15/08/2020) Fortnite maker’s gamble could see mobile players shut out of the game

CNET (14/08/2020) Fortnite maker Epic’s battle with Apple and Google is about making them into villains

PC World.  (16/06/2020) Why do gamers like RGB lights?

Help! My Kid is a Gamer! ABC Lifestyle TV Series, October 2019,

ABC Life (29/10/2019) What to do when your child starts spending money in video games

ABC News (8/8/2019) Loot boxes in big games like Call of Duty and Overwatch to publish odds for random items

WCCFTech (28/5/2019) WHO’s Diagnosis of Gaming Disorder Questioned by Professors from the University of Sydney

Sydney Morning Herald (5/3/2019) A Happy Medium? Why Screens are not all that bad. 

Apple App Store (5/12/18) Game Trend of the Year: Battle Royale

Triple J’s Hack (28/11/18) Do we need more action on loot boxes?

The Guardian (17/08/18) Videogame loot boxes addictive and a form of ‘simulated gambling’, Senate inquiry told

ABC News (14/06/18) E3: Loot boxes on the way out, developers say, as games like Fortnite show new way to monetise

ABC News (12/06/2018) Fortnite is taking over. These experts want you to play it with your kids.

The Guardian (20/06/18) Fortnite: schools warn parents of ‘negative effects’ of video game on students

Catalyst [National TV Broadcast, Feature Story] (16/07/16) Orangutans at Melbourne Zoo to be given more video games. [Watch on YouTube, ABC News article]

Seven News [National TV Broadcast] (09/02/16) World-First technology enables highly intelligent orangutan to interact with humans at Melbourne Zoo

Nine News [National TV Broadcast] (09/02/16) Tech Savvy Orangutans master Computer Games at Melbourne Zoo

ABC News (03/02/16) Orangutans in Melbourne Zoo playing Interactive Videogames using Xbox Technology

The Project [National TV Broadcast, Feature Story] (03/02/16) Gaming Orangutans [YouTube Link]

Pursuit (02/02/16) Kinecting with the Orangutans

The Age (01/02/16) Experiment has Zoo’s Orangutans seeing Red

ABC News (13/07/16) Pokemon Go: Holocaust Museum, Auschwitz ask players to Go somewhere else

The Sydney Morning Herald (14/08/16) EVE Online: Worldwide multiplayer RPG tests the boundaries of fun

New Scientist (09/10/13). The Rise of Consequences in Video Games.


Publications in Popular Media

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Carter, M. & Egliston, B. (01/2022) Privacy Concerns and Data Harms in the Metaverse. The World Financial Review

Carter, M. & Egliston, B. (05/2021) All work and no play in the future of virtual realitySydney Business Insights

Egliston, B., Mavoa, J. & Carter, M. (04/05/2021) Sure, videogames want to get you hooked on spending. But there’s no evidence they can manipulate youThe Conversation

Egliston, B, & Carter, M. (07/04/2021) ‘Potential for harm’: Microsoft to make US$22 billion worth of augmented reality headsets for US ArmyThe Conversation

Carter, M. & Mavoa, J. (17/03/2021) Why is kids’ video game Roblox worth $38 billion and what do parents need to know? The Conversation

Egliston, B. & Carter, M. (20/11/2020) The war between Xbox and Playstation is no longer about consoles. It’s about winning your loyaltyThe Conversation

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Carter, M. & Egliston, B. (18/09/2020) Facebook’s Virtual Reality Push is about Data, not gamingThe Conversation.

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Carter, M. & Egliston, B. (17/12/2018) Broken records, ‘crunch’ and freemium that’s not free: 2018 was a huge year in gaming. The Conversation

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