I regularly write about my research in public venues and provide comment in the media on contemporary issues and topics that relate to games and play. I believe public engagement is an important part of academic service, and I have significant experience with pre-recorded and live television, and was most recently one of the key academic experts in the ABC Lifestyle TV series, ‘Help! My kid is a gamer!‘.

If you’d like to reach out to me for my input or comment, please email me. If your inquiry is urgent you can also contact The University of Sydney’s media office.

Selected Media Engagement

Sydney Morning Herald (08/11/2023) One of the most popular game franchises of all time is going back to its roots

The Guardian (22/08/2022) Global success of Cult of the Lamb showcases Australia’s video games development talent

The Australian (23/07/2021) Virtually reality: ‘Gaming offers escape and empowerment’

ABC News (29/11/2020) Gaming has soared during the coronavirus pandemic — is that a positive response to isolation or a reason to worry? [Watch on YouTube, ABC News Article]

Al Jazeera English (29/08/2020) Apple Terminates Developer Account of Epic Games

Sydney Morning Herald (15/08/2020) Fortnite maker’s gamble could see mobile players shut out of the game

CNET (14/08/2020) Fortnite maker Epic’s battle with Apple and Google is about making them into villains

PC World.  (16/06/2020) Why do gamers like RGB lights?

Help! My Kid is a Gamer! ABC Lifestyle TV Series, October 2019,

ABC Life(29/10/2019) What to do when your child starts spending money in video games

ABC News(8/8/2019) Loot boxes in big games like Call of Duty and Overwatch to publish odds for random item

WCCFTech(28/5/2019) WHO’s Diagnosis of Gaming Disorder Questioned by Professors from the University of Sydney

Sydney Morning Herald(5/3/2019) A Happy Medium? Why Screens are not all that bad.

Apple App Store (5/12/18) Game Trend of the Year: Battle Royale

Triple J’s Hack(28/11/18) Do we need more action on loot boxes?

The Guardian (17/08/18) Videogame loot boxes addictive and a form of ‘simulated gambling’, Senate inquiry told

ABC News(14/06/18) E3: Loot boxes on the way out, developers say, as games like Fortnite show new way to monetise

ABC News(12/06/2018) Fortnite is taking over. These experts want you to play it with your kids.

The Guardian(20/06/18) Fortnite: schools warn parents of ‘negative effects’ of video game on students

Catalyst [National TV Broadcast, Feature Story] (16/07/16) Orangutans at Melbourne Zoo to be given more video games. [Watch on YouTube, ABC News article]

Seven News [National TV Broadcast] (09/02/16) World-First technology enables highly intelligent orangutan to interact with humans at Melbourne Zoo

Nine News[National TV Broadcast] (09/02/16) Tech Savvy Orangutans master Computer Games at Melbourne Zoo

ABC News (03/02/16) Orangutans in Melbourne Zoo playing Interactive Videogames using Xbox Technology

The Project [National TV Broadcast, Feature Story] (03/02/16) Gaming Orangutans[YouTube Link]

Pursuit (02/02/16) Kinecting with the Orangutans

The Age(01/02/16) Experiment has Zoo’s Orangutans seeing Red

ABC News(13/07/16) Pokemon Go: Holocaust Museum, Auschwitz ask players to Go somewhere else

The Sydney Morning Herald (14/08/16) EVE Online: Worldwide multiplayer RPG tests the boundaries of fun

New Scientist(09/10/13). The Rise of Consequences in Video Games.  

Publications in Popular Media

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Egliston, B., Mavoa, J. & Carter, M. (04/05/2021) Sure, videogames want to get you hooked on spending. But there’s no evidence they can manipulate youThe Conversation

Egliston, B, & Carter, M. (07/04/2021) ‘Potential for harm’: Microsoft to make US$22 billion worth of augmented reality headsets for US ArmyThe Conversation

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Egliston, B. & Carter, M. (20/11/2020) The war between Xbox and Playstation is no longer about consoles. It’s about winning your loyaltyThe Conversation

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