Consulting and Speaking

I am a highly experienced researcher, at the forefront of the fields of game studies and critical research into ‘Metaverse’ technologies such as Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. I have over 90 peer reviewed publications in the fields of game studies and human-computer interaction, and my latest research is driven by my interests in emerging mixed reality technologies and how the game context of play can motivate our behaviour and decision making.

I am available to provide my expertise as an academic and researcher to clients via:

Speaking: Games are a new frontier for many. I love to excite and educate audiences about digital games and emerging virtual reality and augmented reality technologies, and am able to speak on a wide range of contemporary topics at public and in-house events. My recent talks have included topics such as microtransactions in games, on children’s digital play and Fortnite, and using VR in conservation education.

Strategy: The digital games industry is growing to surpass all other media industries, with more people playing in more ways than ever before. Boosters predict that ‘Metaverse’ technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality will be trillion dollar industries in the next few decades. Whether you are a start-up, agency or large company, I can provide insight and guidance to help you navigate this emerging space.

Research: Thanks to my background in in games research, and as a Research Fellow in human-computer interaction at the Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces, I have extensive experience in user experience studies and design research. Lets collaborate on research projects that will translate new insights into practical solutions.

If you are interesting in having me speak or present at your event, or provide my expertise as a consultant for short or long-term projects, please email me. Please know that I only accept one to two opportunities per month, as I work full time at The University of Sydney.