About Me


I am a Research Fellow in the Microsoft Research Centre for Social Natural User Interfaces, at The University of Melbourne, where I primarily lead two research programs. The first is developing novel digital technologies that can support the aims of the zoo, such as digital enrichment for the Orang-utans, while the second explores opportunities for novel interfaces such as gesture, voice and eye-gaze in games and play.

I have a PhD in Game Design/Human Computer Interaction on 'Treacherous Play in EVE Online', where I used qualitative methods to interrogate the practices, impacts and experiences involved in treacherous play such as scamming and espionage in EVE Online. I have edited a collection on EVE Online, which can be purchased here from The University of Minnesota Press.

My research bridges the fields of games studies and human-computer interaction, using qualitative methodologies to better understand the relationship between design and player experience. As well as EVE Online, I have also studied the strategic wargame Warhammer 40,000, the dystopic FPS MMOG DayZ, the social casual mobile game Candy Crush Saga, and how 'Screen Ecologies' impact user experience. See my Google Scholar profile for a full list of my publications.

I am currently available for Masters and PhD supervision at The University of Melbourne, particuarly in the fields of Game Design and Animal-Computer Interaction.


  • marcusc@unimelb.edu.au
  • @marcusdcarter
  • +61 3 903 53997

Technology at the Zoo

Key Papers

Carter, M., Webber, S. & Sherwen, S. (2015) Naturalism and ACI: Augmenting Zoo Enclosures with Digital Technology. In Proc. 2nd International Conference on Animal Computer Interaction, 15 Nov, Iskandar, Malaysia.

Rault, J-L., Webber, S. & Carter, M. (2015) Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives on Animal Welfare Science and Animal-Computer Interaction. In Proc. 2nd International Conference on Animal Computer Interaction, 15 Nov, Iskandar, Malaysia.

Key Media

The Age (February 1, 2016) 'Experiment has Zoo's Orangutans Seeing Red' [article + video]

Pursuit (February 1, 2016) 'Kinecting with the Orangutans' [article + video]

The Project (February 3, 2016, Feature Story) 'Gaming Orangutans'

Project Overview

In collaboration with Zoos Victoria and the Animal Welfare Science Centre at The University of Melbourne, I am currently exploring the opportunities for technology to help zoos achieve their conservation, educational and animal welfare goals. Top-up scholarships are available for PhD students interested in working in this area.

Our current project involves developing, introducing and trialing a novel form of digital enrichment for the Orang-utans at Melbourne Zoo. These incredible animals are some of the smartest in captivity, but also those most interested in human visitors. Our study is exploring the opportunities for technology to improve animal welfare, better connect visitors to the Orang-utans, and to understand how technology use impacts our perception of the Orang-utans and the challenges they face in the wild. This enrichment is undergoing evaluation February and March 2016.

We are currently organising a workshop at CHI 2016 on technology in the zoo, more information available here.

More details can be found on the Social NUI Centre Website.